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Podcast Talk about the History of chronerion entertainment

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Check, check, one, two, three. Anybody still here? Yes? Good 🙂 It’s been almost five years since Selina’s story came to an end. Fife years ago I stepped away from game development in my spare time and shifted my focus towards Webvideos, Music and general Media Creation (again). Among several projects, I recently started a Podcast named “Das Medienformat” where dear friend Florian Scherz (who composed the music for A Fragment of Her, btw) and I are talking about Media, Media Culture and Media Creation. In the latest Episode, I finally talked for over an hour about the history of chronerion entertainment, my entry into game development and the making of A Fragment of Her, Being Her Darkest Friend and Ceasing to be Her Demise.

Oh boy, what a trip down memory lane! You can listen to the Podcast Episode here
or watch the YouTube Version, beginning at timestamp 2:27:00.
Unfortunately, the talk is held in (Austrian) German.


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It’s high time for an update. More than 2 years ago, in February 2016, the last webisode was uploaded and since the completion of Selina’s trilogy in July of the same year it has become quiet around chronerion entertainment.

When creating Selina’s trilogy, so the three little Point & Click adventures “A Fragment of Her“, “Being Her Darkest Friend” and “Ceasing to be Her Demise“, my little team and I worked almost continuously for two years and afterwards we just needed a break to relax and recharge our batteries again. During this break I had plenty of time to try out various other projects and think about chronerion entertainment and game development in general. Now, almost two years later, it is time to take action.

But please let me digress a little. It all started sometime in 2009 when I got the idea that I want to make an extraordinary adventure game, because something similar hasn’t been done yet. Over the next few years, I spent almost all my spare time making this idea a reality. I even got a job in the game industry and tried to learn as much as possible about game development. It was a very exciting time and I am very proud that our small team was able to realize the three short adventure games and that they were really very well received by the players, so by you.

In the almost 9 years since my idea was born, I have also had to realize how complex and intensive it is to develop video games, let alone to sell them commercially successfully. I became aware that I’m still extremely far from realizing the vision of the game I’ve been thinking about since 2009. Selina’s trilogy was just a tiny little apprentice piece in comparison, and to realize the “real” game, I would need a relatively large and professional team and therefore also a quite high budget. I just don’t see any way to create this game only in my spare time, without a budget and only with a voluntary team.

I’ve had plenty of time to think about chronerion entertainment the last two years and it’s become clear to me that I see no way to realize my vision in the near future. I still believe in the potential of the game and the whole universe I built around it. But the circumstances have changed so much in the meantime that I have decided to put chronerion entertainment on hold until further notice and devote myself to other projects apart from game development. Maybe in a few years there will be a new chance to revive the project and actually make my vision of the “extraordinary adventure game” a reality. But right now I just don’t see a way to do that.

So, this webisode is the last episode of chronerion entertainment for the time being. There will be no more updates on the website, Twitter, Facebook and Gamejolt, but the accounts will remain. So if the adventure continues one day, you will get informed through the usual channels.

I would like to thank my little team, without you Selina’s trilogy would never have been possible! I would have been totally lost without you and I can’t thank you guys enough. My infinite thanks also go to all those who accompanied us on our journey and gave us courage time and again. And of course a huge THANK YOU to everyone who played and enjoyed Selina’s trilogy. Thanks to all of you!

If you are interested in which projects I am currently working on, please visit my Website and my new Video-Website. I would be happy if we could still stay in touch.

That’s really it now. Thanks for your support, see you around!


Christian aka humaldo

Oh, it’s 2017 already :)

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Hi there, lovers of adventure games!

It’s been quite silent lately, our apologies. After we’ve released Ceasing to be Her Demise last summer, we simply needed to slow things down. We’ve been working more or less non-stop on our “Fragments of being Her Demise” series from November 2014 to July 2016, solely in our spare time. Game development is a magical process, but it’s also pretty exhausting.

To cut a long story short, the chronerion entertainment crew is currently taking a break. Of course we’re still available for support and we will follow closely what happens at Gamejolt, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Btw, there’s already over 320 Let’s Play videos of our games online, the average gamejolt ratings are 4,3 out of 5 and the gamejolt download numbers are also pretty impressing, all three episodes were downloaded over 36.000 times! That’s just beyond awesome, thank you so much!!

At the moment, we don’t know when we will continue our adventure again. But when it happens, you will read it here first 😉

Thanks for your attention and have a great adventure!

Christian & the chronerion crew

Inventory Memos and other controversies.

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When we designed the interaction system of “Ceasing to be Her Demise”, our latest game and the final episode of our “Fragments of Being Her Demise” trilogy, we knew one game design decision would surely cause controversy: The player can‘t just pick up every object he runs into but Selina, the protagonist of the series, decides by herself if she picks it up or not. Coming from other point & click adventure games, this could feel awkward. We are very aware that the “Loot every object you come across”-principle is as old as adventure games are, but we decided to try another approach.

In „Being Her Darkest Friend“, the predecessor of Selina‘s final episode, there is one puzzle where she has to burn a book in a trashcan. She has to use a burning cigarette located in an ashtray nearby, but she also has to be know that she needs to burn the book at all to pick up the cigarette. When she interacts with the cigarette without knowing about the book, she just won’t pick it up. Why should she carry a stinking, burning cigarette with her? She has to interact with the book in the trashcan once, so she knows what to do with the cigarette and then she will pick it up. Totally understandable that this caused confusion among a lot of players.

For Ceasing to be Her Demise we tried to solve this issue by introducing the „memo“ system: When Selina interacts with objects that could be useful later, but are not at the moment, a memo-icon appears in the inventory. This item is purely passive and the only interaction possible is examining it. But every time the player interacts with the memo, he gets information about the object. This should help to find clues on how and why to pick up the object or on how to solve the related puzzle.

So, if this memo-system would have already existed in Being Her Darkest Friend, Selina would have got a „Cigarette“ memo when she interacted with the cigarette without knowing that the book needs to be burned.

We‘re pretty happy with the memo-system in Ceasing to be Her Demise, but since a lot of players complain about not being able to just pick up and combine everything they find in the game, we‘d like to point out the two main reasons that lead to our design decision:

1) We don‘t like the looting-aspect of most adventure games. Being able to pick up everything quickly fills up the inventory and when the number of carried items exceeds about seven, it usually gets hard for the player to keep track. Hiding all the items in a separate off-screen inventory which has to be manually opened adds to the problem. The player easily gets stuck at puzzles because of the overwhelming and confusing number of items and seemingly possible interaction options. As a result, he starts to randomly combine every single item with every single other item and object in the game the trial-and-error-way.

This is a problem that has existed since the dawn of adventure games and has never really been solved, but only bypassed by giving the protagonist a reason to pick up (aka steal) everything he finds (Pirates anyone?). In our opinion, that‘s one of the reasons why the most successful point & click adventure games of the past almost always have been of a comical and cartoonish nature.

2) Selina, the protagonist, is not a mindless puppet who does everything the player commands her to, but she decides for herself, according to her current knowledge. The player isn‘t a puppet master, but more of a director, who only pushes Selina in the right direction, but the actual actions are her own.
This comes with a cost: It only works if a player plays the game for the very first time and has exactly the same knowledge as the protagonist. When the player plays the game again and already knows the solution of all puzzles, he can easily get annoyed by Selina, who just doesn‘t want to do things because she has less knowledge than the player. On the other hand we found out that in modern times the vast majority of players never plays a game more than once – or he watches a Let‘s Play video of someone who is playing the game for the first time. So that‘s a price we are willing to pay.

Summarized, that‘s our take on how to solve, or at least reduce those ancient adventure-game problems in Ceasing to be Her Demise:

1) Selina is not a mindless puppet controlled by the player, but makes her own decisions based on what her current knowledge is.
2) If it doesn’t make sense to pick up an item at the moment, but it will be useful later, the item will get a passive memo-inventory object. This prevents the player from randomly playing the „desperately combine everything with everything“-meta game.
3) Drastically reduce the number of items in the game world, so the protagonist can only pick up and carry around few items and they always stay in his short time memory. We think that the player should never carry around more than seven items at the same time.
4) Never hide inventory items in off-screen menus but always show them on screen. This way the player always sees them and never forgets about them.

Ceasing to be Her Demise is out!

By Christian on

We did it! We finally did it! After more than a year of hard work, we just released “Ceasing to be Her Demise“, the third and final episode of our “Fragments of Being Her Demise” trilogy!

The game is free and can be downloaded here for [WINDOWS], [MAC], and [LINUX], or played directly in the browser [HERE] and [HERE].

Now that the final epiosde is out in the wild, we’re endlessly relieved. Making a game can be extremely exhausting at times – but at the same time extremely rewarding, especially when we get feedback from the players. So, don’t hesitate to tell us what you’ve liked and what you haven’t, thanks!

We wish you a lot of fun with the now completed “Fragments of Being Her Demise” trilogy!

Have a great adventure,
Christian & the chronerion entertainment team

PS: When will our next games be released? Will they continue Selina’s story? Will they be pixel-adventures again? Will they be something completely different? We can’t say much about them yet, we can only say that there are already plenty of interesting ideas bustling around in our heads, so stay tuned 😉CTBHD_Apartment



Adventures of 2015 Awards: BHDF is “Best Fanadventure”

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The German Adventure Gaming website Adventure Treff elected “Being Her Darkest Friend” as Fanadventure of the year in their “Adventures of 2015” awards! We feel tremendously honored, thank you so much!


English translation: “We think: The Austrian developer team chronerion entertainment accomplished a remarkable contribution to the German speaking fan adventure scene. “Being Her Darkest Friend” fully convinced with nostalgic pixel graphics in the tradition of popular Lucas Arts classics and deep storytelling within dark dream sequences.”

In addition, it was voted 2nd best “Fan adventure of the year” by the readers of Adventure Treff.

Thanks so much!!

Episode 3 is Alpha!

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We have very good news: Selina’s third and final episode has gone Alpha! This means the game is feature- and gameplay complete and can be played from the beginning to the end without any severe bugs left. Though, there are a couple of art assets, sound effects, music tracks and other things missing, but we are very confident to finish and release the game in the *very* near future. More infos, like a definite release date, will follow when the game is finally completed.

In the meantime, we highly recommend playing the first two episodes “A Fragment of Her” and “Being Her Darkest Friend” 😉

Stay tuned for Selina’s grand finale!Ep3Balkony

2016 is here! But where is Episode 3?

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Happy new year, adventure lovers!

We hope you all arrived safe and sound in 2016! 2015 was quite a successful year for chronerion entertainment, we released two small games (click and click) and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the players (that’s you!). And the craziest thing: Over 130 Let’s Play videos have already been made! How awesome is that?! Thanks so much, guys and gals!!

As you may know, we’ve been working on a third game since May of last year, and we initially amined to finish before the end of 2015, or at least in early 2016. Unfortunately things are taking longer (Surprise!) and several unexpected (non gamedev related) circumstances are constantly delaying the release of Selina’s third episode. We still can’t tell when the game will be ready for a release, but we aim for the first half of 2016. Or let’s just say 2016. Episode 3 has progressed well and is almost finished, but as you may know, the last 10 percent of a game need 90% of the time, or something like that. We hope you understand.

Sorry for the unpleasant news, we’ll keep you updated!

Have a super-nice new year!

Christian & the chronerion team

20.000 Downloads/Plays!!

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Today we’ve reached an important milestone: Our games “A Fragment of Her” and “Being Her Darkest Friend” have been downloaded and/or played (via the Unity Web Player) 20.000 times! Thank you all soooo much for your interest in our games! You’re the BEST!

20000We’re still working hard on finishing Selina’s third episode, stay tuned for more news end of the year.

And for the statistics-people, here are some numbers:

Gamejolt Downloads/Webplays Total: 19.508
IndieGameStand Downloads Total: 229 Downloads Total: 177
Indie DB Downloads Total: 86

Visits/Clicks Total: 40.799
Webplays Total: 13.099
Windows Downloads Total: 5.622
Mac Downloads Total: 952
Linux Downloads total: 98

Update on Episode 3

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It’s about time for an update on the progress of Selina’s third and final episode. We’ve been quite busy over the past months, the vertical slice (meaning you can play the game from the beginning to the end) was already achieved in June, but only with very basic art and with most of the puzzles missing. At the moment,  approximately 70% of the game is done and we’re working hard on finishing the remaining puzzles and creating the final art and sound assets.


As you can see, Episode 3 will be around as three times as big as “Being Her Darkest Friend“. It will contain new scenes so things take a little longer this time (“BHDF” could be done so quickly because it  just “recycled” all the existing assets of “A Fragment of Her“.) We can’t promise to finish the game in 2015 anymore, but it seems likely that it can be released in early 2016. Once more, it will be available for PC, MAC, LINUX and the Unity Webplayer. And it will be for free.

That’s all for the moment. Thank you for your patience, we’ll keep you informed!

Best and adventurous wishes,
Christian and the chronerion team

10K AFoH Downloads!!

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Earlier today, „A Fragment of Her“ hit the 10K (in words: ten thousand) downloads/plays mark on gamejolt. Unbelievable. When we created the game back then in November 2014, we‘ve never thought that this could happen at all. We just can‘t thank you enough for playing „A Fragment of Her“ and showing interest in our games. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Apropos: Selina‘s third episode is progressing very well. We can‘t promise it, but we‘re still looking forward to release it end of this year. And like „Being Her Darkest Friend“, it will be fully playable in the browser and there will also be downloadable versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. Stay tuned for more infos soon!
Thank you all for the great Adventure!

Have a great day,
The chronerion team

3rd place (out of 89) for “Being Her Darkest Friend” at AdventureJam!

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We are super-happy to announce that “Being Her Darkest Friend” took the 3rd place (out of 89 entries) at the Community Voting of the AdventureJam 2015! We want to shout out a big THANK YOU to all the people who voted for the game, you’re AWESOME!!

AdventureJam2015_3rdPlaceFirst9Being Her Darkest Friend” was also ranked quite high in the specific categories of the community voting:

  • 2nd place in 5 categories: “Best Music” “Best Dialog“, “Best Characters“, “Most Thought Provoking” and “Most Unique
  • 3rd place in 5 categories: “Best Visuals“, “Best Sound Design“, “Best Story“, “Best Gameplay” and “Best Puzzles“,
  • 5th place in category “Most Charming
  • 6th place in category “Most Funny


Being Her Darkest Friend is out!

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After two **really** exhausting weeks, we finished and released our #AdventureJam game “Being Her Darkest Friend” tonight. It can be played either on Gamejolt or directly here on the chronerion entertainment website, or it can be downloaded here: [Windows] [Mac] [Linux]

Now the voting has started! There are 30 days to rate all the 87 (!) games of the Jam! We would be very happy if you could rate “Being Her Darkest Friend” nicely, thank you very much 🙂

Voting( account is necessary)

Another thing: At the moment the game language is German only, but we’re working hard on an English translation which will be finished and released as soon as possible! The game is finally available with English and German texts.

We can’t wait to hear how you liked “Being Her Darkest Friend“, so don’t hesitate to send us feedback of all kinds! THANKS!

Have a great adventure!

Christian & the BHDF team

PS: The Unity webplayer plugin isn’t supported by the Google Chrome web browser anymore. Please play the game in another browser, like Firefox. Thanks!


By Christian on


The first week of #AdventureJam is over, it’s time for a short update. We’ve progressed pretty well and finished the vertical slice of “Being Her Darkest Friend“. The game is playable from beginning to end, all scenes are in, most of the sounds and background tracks are in (but still need to be tweaked), and it already feels like a complete game.


But we have still a lot to do: Puzzles. Now that the structure of the game is finished and working, we’re starting to finally flesh out the design of our four main puzzles. Everybody who has played the predecessor “A Fragment of Her” has probably noticed its rather rudimentary “puzzles”. Back then we’ve had simply not enough time and experience to come up with great Monkey Island-esque puzzles. This time, we aim a little higher and reserved a whole week only for puzzle design and implementation. Let’s hope it works out 🙂

Stay tuned for Adventure!


AdventureJam has started!

By Christian on

The AdventureJam has officially started! The last couple of weeks we were busy to come up with a proper setting, story, and puzzle-design-outline and we’re happy to be able to finally start working on the game! BHDF_blackWe have already decided on a name: “Being Her Darkest Friend“. It will be a direct sequel to “A Fragment of Her“, and this time the focus will lie on puzzles. So if AFoH was a bit to unchallenging for you, chances are high that “Being Her Darkest Friend” will meet your taste 🙂

We’re planning to frequently update the project status on our twitter account, so please follow us to stay informed.

Happy GameJamming!BHDF_Thumbmini

AdventureJam, here we go!

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Good News: We’ve just decided to take part in the AdventureJam 2015! This means that the release of our next short adventure game is only a couple of weeks away, woohoo!

The jam starts on April 3rd and ends 14 days later on April 17th. We’re close to finishing the story writing and we have already laid out the basic dramaturgic structure of the game. More news will follow later this week, please follow us on twitter and gamejolt to stay updated. Thank you very much!

Adventure Jam Website:


Blog: AFoH Design Principles Validation

By Christian on

A while ago we published our twelve so-called “Design Principles“. In a perfect world, a perfectly crafted game would fulfill every single one of these principle, but when we produced “A Fragment of Her” for the Point & Click Jam 2014, there were several constraints which prevented us from fulfilling all of them. Let’s check and see which principles were fulfilled and which were not. Have fun 🙂

AFoH is mostly reading texts, clicking on a couple of obvious things, and reading texts again. Because not much “game” made it into the title, we called it an “Interactive Short Story” instead.
Verdict: Failed.

AFoH is basically one big cutscene with loads of texts, connected by some light interactive elements.
Verdict: Failed.

Control is constantly taken away from the player. Most of the time the player character even walks around and leaves the scenes on her own.
Verdict: Failed.

AFoH has no classical title screen and the game starts instantly after clicking “START”. There’s even a web-demo where interested players can test the game withouth having to install it. On the other hand, there’s no save and load options, so players who quit in halfway through have to start over.
Verdict: Passed. (More or less)

We tried to make a fun, short, interesting, and also a bit demanding experience, but it wasn’t our goal to create an artistic masterpiece the academics would still talk about in years to come.
Verdict: Passed.

Telling a story straight forward was more important to us than challenging the player with tricky puzzles.
Verdict: Passed.

The only challenge in AFoH is to get as many information about the game world as possible. Going back to Selina’s department more often than necessary to examine everything can be considered as optional.
Verdict: Passed.

There’s no fail state and the player can’t do anything wrong. For the few easy puzzles in the game, we tried to give as many hints as possible.
Verdict: Passed.

In AFoH, the player is locked all the time, she has to read a lot of texts and she has to solve the (easy) puzzles in an strictly pre-defined order.
Verdict: Failed.

AFoH is very short and players seem to like it.
Verdict: Passed.

Right from the start of the production, how the game whould end was very important to us.
Verdict: Passed.

We tried to achieve the right balance between athmospheric, quiet sequences, and dramatic sequences accompanied by leitmotifs. We also created and used many sounds, some of them have even several different variations.
Verdict: Passed

A Fragment of Her is finally finished!

By Christian on


We’ve finally finished our Point & Click Jam 2014 game A Fragment of Her! The size of the game (we prefer to call it an “Interactive Short Story“) has significantly increased: A playthrough should take now 30 to 50 minutes instead of only 10  to 15 minutes. So, A Fragment Of Her finally contains all the content we had initially planned and designed for the Point & Click Jam back in November 2014, but weren’t able to finish in time.

PLUS: We ported the first third of A Fragment of Her to Unity so it can now be played directly in the web browser! Just visit our Gamejolt game page or play it directly here at the chonerion entertainment website!

Download Full Game: Windows | Mac
Demo (Web version): |

We’re super-excited and can’t wait to hear your feedback! If you like A Fragment of Her, we would be endlessly grateful if you could spread the word.

Thank you so much and have fun with the full version of A Fragment of Her!

The A Fragment of Her team.