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ParentsRedirectCeasing to be Her Demise” is the sucessor of “A Fragment of Her” and “Being Her Darkest Friend“, a point & click game series about the aspiring art student Selina, who is troubled by her dark nightmares.

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Credits: Christian Haumer (@humaldo):  Production, Story, Writing, Design, Scripting, Audio Design, Art Direction, Testing • @leafthief: Original Art, Original Backgrounds, Original Writing, Original Animations, Intro & Finale Assets, Additional Characters • Quentin Louis (@Ultrasqull): Lead Artist • Simon Dobersberger (@dob_simon): Additional Programming • Florian Scherz (@jokus14): Music • Matthias Pruckner: Original Nightmare Music • David Birkner (@Boerkiii): EN Translation • Additional Concept Art: Peter Siedl
Made with Adventure Creator by Chris Burton

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