Update on Episode 3

By Christian on

It’s about time for an update on the progress of Selina’s third and final episode. We’ve been quite busy over the past months, the vertical slice (meaning you can play the game from the beginning to the end) was already achieved in June, but only with very basic art and with most of the puzzles missing. At the moment,  approximately 70% of the game is done and we’re working hard on finishing the remaining puzzles and creating the final art and sound assets.


As you can see, Episode 3 will be around as three times as big as “Being Her Darkest Friend“. It will contain new scenes so things take a little longer this time (“BHDF” could be done so quickly because it  just “recycled” all the existing assets of “A Fragment of Her“.) We can’t promise to finish the game in 2015 anymore, but it seems likely that it can be released in early 2016. Once more, it will be available for PC, MAC, LINUX and the Unity Webplayer. And it will be for free.

That’s all for the moment. Thank you for your patience, we’ll keep you informed!

Best and adventurous wishes,
Christian and the chronerion team