Blog: 2014.

By Christian on

Another year is gone and it’s now 2014. Only a few days ago, we called 2013 “now”. But it has changed, in the same way that this very moment will be gone soon. And as promised, it’s gone and a new “now” is here. And now this one is gone as well.

Time is constantly passing by. That’s a fact, isn’t it? But – what is time anyway? Is it just the accumulation of countless “nows”, every one replaced by the next one? Does time even exist at all? Or is it only a concept, purely made-up by us human beings to be able to better deal with the innumerable challenges of our daily lives? So many “nows” are passing by all the time. So many “nows” are gone forever and only remain in our memories. It’s just not fair – the “nows” are so short, while the memories are there forever.

Who doesn’t wish she could just stop the flow of time, if only for a moment? Or even rewind it, at least a few seconds or minutes, to enjoy previous, precious “nows” again? Or to make some wrong decisions of former “nows” undone? Or perhaps just to witness them again to gain a better understanding of why things happened the way they did?

When we – the chronerion entertainment team – are looking back at the numerous “nows” of the past year, we don’t feel the urge to rewind. Things evolved pretty well and virtually everything runs the way we hoped it would. But there’s still a long way to go. In the “now” of 2013 we stepped out of the dark and showed the world that we are here. In the “now” of 2014 we will continue to work hard to realize the vision we have had since the long bygone “nows” of the last couple of years.

We hope that 2014 will be the year where we’re finally able to show you more of the things we’re working on. As you may know, we’re in the pre-production of our first project (working title “The.Game”) and most of the things which are going on right now are probably not that exciting to outsiders. Countless Word and Excel files, countless rough scribbles on paper and post-its, countless discussions, countless discarded ideas, countless times where we started from scratch again.

That’s the reason why it’s so silent at chronerion entertainment at the moment. But we promise, as soon the real production starts, we’ll provide you with more frequent news, we’ll regularly update our blog and we’ll produce more YouTube webisodes.

Unfortunately, we don’t know yet when this will become “now”. Until then, we’d be very happy if you connect with us via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or/and IndieDB, so you’ll be informed about every single piece of news immediately.

Thank you very much for your attention – and your patience. We very much appreciate it.

Stay tuned for more adventures in the “now” of 2014!

Best whishes,
aka humaldo