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By Christian on

It’s high time for an update. More than 2 years ago, in February 2016, the last webisode was uploaded and since the completion of Selina’s trilogy in July of the same year it has become quiet around chronerion entertainment.

When creating Selina’s trilogy, so the three little Point & Click adventures “A Fragment of Her“, “Being Her Darkest Friend” and “Ceasing to be Her Demise“, my little team and I worked almost continuously for two years and afterwards we just needed a break to relax and recharge our batteries again. During this break I had plenty of time to try out various other projects and think about chronerion entertainment and game development in general. Now, almost two years later, it is time to take action.

But please let me digress a little. It all started sometime in 2009 when I got the idea that I want to make an extraordinary adventure game, because something similar hasn’t been done yet. Over the next few years, I spent almost all my spare time making this idea a reality. I even got a job in the game industry and tried to learn as much as possible about game development. It was a very exciting time and I am very proud that our small team was able to realize the three short adventure games and that they were really very well received by the players, so by you.

In the almost 9 years since my idea was born, I have also had to realize how complex and intensive it is to develop video games, let alone to sell them commercially successfully. I became aware that I’m still extremely far from realizing the vision of the game I’ve been thinking about since 2009. Selina’s trilogy was just a tiny little apprentice piece in comparison, and to realize the “real” game, I would need a relatively large and professional team and therefore also a quite high budget. I just don’t see any way to create this game only in my spare time, without a budget and only with a voluntary team.

I’ve had plenty of time to think about chronerion entertainment the last two years and it’s become clear to me that I see no way to realize my vision in the near future. I still believe in the potential of the game and the whole universe I built around it. But the circumstances have changed so much in the meantime that I have decided to put chronerion entertainment on hold until further notice and devote myself to other projects apart from game development. Maybe in a few years there will be a new chance to revive the project and actually make my vision of the “extraordinary adventure game” a reality. But right now I just don’t see a way to do that.

So, this webisode is the last episode of chronerion entertainment for the time being. There will be no more updates on the website, Twitter, Facebook and Gamejolt, but the accounts will remain. So if the adventure continues one day, you will get informed through the usual channels.

I would like to thank my little team, without you Selina’s trilogy would never have been possible! I would have been totally lost without you and I can’t thank you guys enough. My infinite thanks also go to all those who accompanied us on our journey and gave us courage time and again. And of course a huge THANK YOU to everyone who played and enjoyed Selina’s trilogy. Thanks to all of you!

If you are interested in which projects I am currently working on, please visit my Website and my new Video-Website. I would be happy if we could still stay in touch.

That’s really it now. Thanks for your support, see you around!


Christian aka humaldo