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Ceasing to be Her Demise is out!

By Christian on

We did it! We finally did it! After more than a year of hard work, we just released “Ceasing to be Her Demise“, the third and final episode of our “Fragments of Being Her Demise” trilogy!

The game is free and can be downloaded here for [WINDOWS], [MAC], and [LINUX], or played directly in the browser [HERE] and [HERE].

Now that the final epiosde is out in the wild, we’re endlessly relieved. Making a game can be extremely exhausting at times – but at the same time extremely rewarding, especially when we get feedback from the players. So, don’t hesitate to tell us what you’ve liked and what you haven’t, thanks!

We wish you a lot of fun with the now completed “Fragments of Being Her Demise” trilogy!

Have a great adventure,
Christian & the chronerion entertainment team

PS: When will our next games be released? Will they continue Selina’s story? Will they be pixel-adventures again? Will they be something completely different? We can’t say much about them yet, we can only say that there are already plenty of interesting ideas bustling around in our heads, so stay tuned 😉CTBHD_Apartment



Webisode #002 – (Dis)harmony of Elements

By Christian on

Five months have passed since the last Webisode was released. So let’s waste no time and have fun with episode number 002 – “(Dis)harmony of Elements”! But be warned: It’s getting a bit experimental this time 🙂

“Gameplay and Story Are Exactly Like Music and Lyrics” by Kirk Hamilton:

Transcript of Webisode #002 – (Disharmony) of Elements

The story in adventure games traditionally plays a very important role. Some people even think that adventure games are the perfect medium for storytelling. While other video game genres focus on action, ability to react, dexterity or strategic planning, adventure games always have been about the story of the acting characters. Following the story, solving tricky puzzles, exploring the world and interacting with NPCs define adventure games.

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Webisode #001 – Call To Adventure

By Christian on

We’re terribly sorry for the long silence since the website launched earlier this year. But now we’re back  and we are proud to present you the first regular chronerion entertainment webisode (Watch the pilot here), in which the main-motivation behind setting up the chronerion entertainment project is explained.

Have fun!


Transcript of Webisode #001 – Call To Adventure

I don’t remember if Maniac Mansion was the first point-and-click adventure I ever played. But I do know that it left a far deeper impression than Monkey Island, Indiana Jones or any of the other big adventure game classics.

I must have been eleven or twelve years old and already had gathered some experience with video games – when Maniac Mansion was a real culture shock to me. Abstract and imaginative games like Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda and Tetris
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