By Christian on


The first week of #AdventureJam is over, it’s time for a short update. We’ve progressed pretty well and finished the vertical slice of “Being Her Darkest Friend“. The game is playable from beginning to end, all scenes are in, most of the sounds and background tracks are in (but still need to be tweaked), and it already feels like a complete game.


But we have still a lot to do: Puzzles. Now that the structure of the game is finished and working, we’re starting to finally flesh out the design of our four main puzzles. Everybody who has played the predecessor “A Fragment of Her” has probably noticed its rather rudimentary “puzzles”. Back then we’ve had simply not enough time and experience to come up with great Monkey Island-esque puzzles. This time, we aim a little higher and reserved a whole week only for puzzle design and implementation. Let’s hope it works out 🙂

Stay tuned for Adventure!