Being Her Darkest Friend is out!

By Christian on

After two **really** exhausting weeks, we finished and released our #AdventureJam game “Being Her Darkest Friend” tonight. It can be played either on Gamejolt or directly here on the chronerion entertainment website, or it can be downloaded here: [Windows] [Mac] [Linux]

Now the voting has started! There are 30 days to rate all the 87 (!) games of the Jam! We would be very happy if you could rate “Being Her Darkest Friend” nicely, thank you very much 🙂

Voting( account is necessary)

Another thing: At the moment the game language is German only, but we’re working hard on an English translation which will be finished and released as soon as possible! The game is finally available with English and German texts.

We can’t wait to hear how you liked “Being Her Darkest Friend“, so don’t hesitate to send us feedback of all kinds! THANKS!

Have a great adventure!

Christian & the BHDF team

PS: The Unity webplayer plugin isn’t supported by the Google Chrome web browser anymore. Please play the game in another browser, like Firefox. Thanks!