Realizing the vision of chronerion entertainment would not have been possible without our many esteemed supporters and partners. We can not thank you enough for your help!

Best working environment and best colleagues ever.

Stefan Srb & Peter Siedl
Artworks, grafics, feedback and mental support since the very beginning.

Quentin Louis
Graphics & Art Support

Simon Dobersberger
Technical Support & Feedback

Stefan Reinalter & Molecular Matters
Technical support, Feedback and invaluable advice.

Jurie Horneman & Intelligent ArtificeAndy Schmoll
Feedback and precious advice.

Jogi Neufeld & Subotron
For Subotron.

Matthias Pruckner
Audio Magic

Florian Scherz

David Birkner
Translations, feedback.

Ivan Ertlov & Homegrown Games
Knowledge, Feedback & Madness.

Lukas Hasitschka & Sound 42

Petra Schuhmayer
Support & feedback.

Edgar Danninger & Brigitte Sturl
Photography, support & feedback.

Agnes Platt
Grafical survey design, feedback and translations.

Harald Jokesch & Anna Michalski

Peter Fußl & in-ga.me
Coverage and feedback.

Andreas Schmitt
Feedback and technical advice.

Werner Ziegelwanger
Technical advice.

Andi Teufel & Devils Heaven
Website support and feedback.

Daniel Hofer & Archetype Design
Logo & logotype design.