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3rd place (out of 89) for “Being Her Darkest Friend” at AdventureJam!

By Christian on

We are super-happy to announce that “Being Her Darkest Friend” took the 3rd place (out of 89 entries) at the Community Voting of the AdventureJam 2015! We want to shout out a big THANK YOU to all the people who voted for the game, you’re AWESOME!!

AdventureJam2015_3rdPlaceFirst9Being Her Darkest Friend” was also ranked quite high in the specific categories of the community voting:

  • 2nd place in 5 categories: “Best Music” “Best Dialog“, “Best Characters“, “Most Thought Provoking” and “Most Unique
  • 3rd place in 5 categories: “Best Visuals“, “Best Sound Design“, “Best Story“, “Best Gameplay” and “Best Puzzles“,
  • 5th place in category “Most Charming
  • 6th place in category “Most Funny