Podcast Talk about the History of chronerion entertainment

By Christian on

Check, check, one, two, three. Anybody still here? Yes? Good 🙂 It’s been almost five years since Selina’s story came to an end. Fife years ago I stepped away from game development in my spare time and shifted my focus towards Webvideos, Music and general Media Creation (again). Among several projects, I recently started a Podcast named “Das Medienformat” where dear friend Florian Scherz (who composed the music for A Fragment of Her, btw) and I are talking about Media, Media Culture and Media Creation. In the latest Episode, I finally talked for over an hour about the history of chronerion entertainment, my entry into game development and the making of A Fragment of Her, Being Her Darkest Friend and Ceasing to be Her Demise.

Oh boy, what a trip down memory lane! You can listen to the Podcast Episode here
or watch the YouTube Version, beginning at timestamp 2:27:00.
Unfortunately, the talk is held in (Austrian) German.