Welcome to chronerion.media!

chronerion.media is a multimedia label brought to life by Austrian media producer Christian “humaldo” Haumer, under which different low-budget products and services are provided: Video, audio, and music productions, band management, sound design, photography, weblogging, computer game development and media consulting.

Products und Collaborations:
chronerion entertainment (Operator) • humaldo.tv (Operator) • The incredible HumePage (Operator) • Lack Of Purity (Operator, Management, Video & Audio) • Homegrown Games (Sound Design, Video, Animation) • Chaos Inside (Audio, Video, PR, Management) • Ecliptica (Video & Audio, Band Management & PR) • Wean4tler (Video) • Mars Music Productions (Consulting) • Dragony (Video) • Bastard Peels (Video) • Pain & Glory (Audio) • Salvator (Audio) • Warcult (Audio) • Catastrofear (Audio) • and more…